Lounge Chairs
Handmade, one by one.


Apero is a sculptural lounge chair inspired by futuristic designs of the nineteen-seventies. It is constructed from a central metal mesh and hand-cut plywood shells which are then padded and entirely covered in our hand-stitched Kukunor cotton mix. For a closer look at our Kukunor fabric, please refer to our Fabrics page in the menu under About - Fabrics.


Aurora is inspired by extravagant lounge chairs of the nineteen-fifties. It is handcrafted from two bent plywood shells on a frame of solid Ash with legs in open-pore black lacquered Ash. Attached to the shells are padded foam elements covered in our hand- stitched Kukunor fabric available in many colors.


A sculptural lounge chair constructed from a hand- welded steel wire frame with attached plywood shells and individually hand-sculpted padded elements covered in our hand-stitched Kukunor cotton mix. Legs in open-pore, black lacquered American Ash.


Inspired by a seashell found on the South Pacific island of Aitutaki, this generous, comfortable lounge chair is constructed from a hand-welded steel frame and two handcrafted plywood shells attached to the front and back of the frame. Individually hand-sculpted, padded cushions are then hand-sewn to the shells, covered with our Kukunor cotton fabric and finished with a hand-stitched piping. A bottom construction with sculpted legs made from black lacquered, open-pore Ash completes this chair.


A comfortable sofa bench designed to shine while being optically light, unlike the heavy volumes of conventional couches which can weigh down a space. Amatera was Inspired by the sight of the sun at the moment when it just touches the sea. Waves and light refraction are expressed through hand-sewn padded tucks on seat and backrest.Named after Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun, this handcrafted bench features a soft padded cushion covered with fabric over a plywood shell resting on hand-lathed legs in solid open-pore black laquered Ash. The padded circular backrest is finished with a  hand-stitched piping. The backrest is removable so that when you have more than one Amatera, you can assemble creative color combinations of seat and backrest.Available in 4  color combinations. Amaterasu can also be customized with our exclusive fabrics in a range of colors and qualities. To find out more, please refer to our Fabrics selection, in the menu About - Fabrics.

Gran Turismo

In reverence to the smooth and stylish rides in the legendary Italian Gran Turismo cars built between the nineteen- thirties and sixties, this upholstered chair is built the traditional way. A padded boxspring seat with internal metal springs is suspended in a bent and padded plywood shell for amazing sitting comfort. Armrests and legs are hand-joined and hand-polished in in open- pore lacquered Ash wood. Covered with our Kukunor cotton or, on your request, with any of our other exclusive fabrics.


A changeable lounge chair with clear lines and accented angles. The seating pillows are held in place by a handcrafted frame in open-pore, laquered Ash and can be turned around to change the color of seat and backrest. 


A versatile lounge chair which changes to a Japanese-inspired floor lounge set. The cradle, handcrafted in American Ash, turns into a low sofa table when used as lounge set.  The seating pillows feature removable hand-stitched cotton mix covers with YKK metal zippers.  Available in white or black lacquered Ash.